The Grand Erie Soroptimist are thrilled to receive a large donation from the organizing Committee ofgrandspree this year’s GRAND SPREE event.

This event was held at the Greens at Renton on Thursday November 6th. Women enjoyed shopping at the 27 Unique Vendor booths, bidding on the large silent auction table and delicious home made fudge for sale. As well they enjoyed gourmet appetizers.

The Grand Erie Soroptimist would like to thank the organizing committee for the donation and for doing such an amazing job! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!


One thought on “GRAND SPREE 2014

  1. One thought on “GRAND SPREE a “HUGE” Success!!!”

    Hannelore Nyman
    January 11, 2015 at 3:48 pm Edit

    I love this information site. It was a great event and I hope this website will be viewed by many people, who will support the business that participated in the event. The Grand Spree was lots of fun.
    Above all, that Soroptimist International of Grand Erie, will help women and girls make a difference in their lives and help to achieve their dreams.


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