As President of Soroptimist International of Grand Erie, I would like to thank the “Dream It Be It” Committee and the Members, for their dedication and hard work, to make this first event a big success.
Watching from the sideline, I was very pleased to see the girls who seemed a little skeptical in the beginning, but with the enthusiasm from Kendra, Olivia and Mikayla and the Steering Committee, their enthusiasm to participate in the programs grew by the minute.
I am positive that most of the girls went home with different ideas about their future and how to deal with obstacles, to find their way in this fast changing times.
As a grandmother of 5 girls I know, they would have loved to be part of this great “Dream It Be It” event and I sincerely hope that we will have the support from the sponsors and business in our Community for the coming years.
Hannelore N.  President, Soroptimist International of Grand Erie

From the Dream It * Be It Chair Laurie C.

“When the DREAM IT * BE IT Soroptimist Grand Erie Steering committee envisioned what and where this new project would take us, I think I can say we are very proud of the path we travelled.
It was an honour to work along side three amazing young ladies in Secondary School, who helped guide our Steering Committee to what is now the DREAM IT * BE IT.
Special thanks to Kendra Lam, Olivia Potts and Mikayla Hughes for their dedication and hard work in bringing pleasure to other girls their age, their dedication is very commendable!
I know we learned as much from them, as we hope they learned from us.
We are very grateful to our Corporate Sponsors and Business Sponsors for their generous financial support, that allowed us the freedom to make the DREAM IT * BE IT, a great success.
Warm message were brought to the girls by the Corporate Sponsors.
This was followed by the inspirational SAIDAT and KZ, who rocked the room with motivational singing and dancing with the pumped up group.
Our Community Partners and volunteers brought valuable messages and direction that empowered and equipped the young ladies to pursue their career goals.
It was exhilarating to see the excitement in the air, as the girls moved from one session to the next, often stopping for a quick chat and snack from the endless “walk by food table”. It was refreshing to see how grateful they were.
They moved amongst the sessions: Exploring Careers with Personality Colour Test and Dream Envelopes.
Achievable Goals and Putting Dreams into Action with Writing Goals, Resume Building and visited Community Partners tables.
Rise above Obstacle and Turning Failures into Successes with Obstacles for Women in the workplace, DIBI Selfies, making a Faceless Doll, DIBI Resource Cards and the U-tube Someone you Admire sentence.
Balancing their Stress with Meditation, International Drumming and Organization Life Coach.
Some of the highlights I saw were that everyone from the teenage girls, the Dream It * Be It Steering Committee, Sponsors, Community Partners, volunteers, Guest Speakers and the Soroptimist members all seemed to enjoy themselves and left with a special memory of the day. It was delightful to see a bond of several of the girls, that will be lasting friendships.
Now that’s a day worth investment in!
Our Soroptimist of Grand Erie DREAM IT * BE ITcommittee and club members did an amazing. I’m proud to have worked alongside each of them.
As a new club with our first “DREAM IT * BE IT” Secondary School girl Conference, we learned each others strength and we each grew during the process of planning this event.
We are already dreaming about the Spring 2016 Soroptimist International of Grand Erie “DREAM IT * BE IT”.
Keep watching for the date on here.”

From Wendy H:        May 12, 2015

What a wonderful day. I was so sorry that a family comittment shortened my time at this event ( this comittment was made months ago). I am still feeling the energy of our inspirational speaker, Saidat, WOW! I have told a number of people who have googled her, joined her on Facebook or Twitter. She was able to connect with these girls in a non patronizing way. She spoke on their level and with the inclusion of dance, song and rap she connected in a big way. Some girls were a little hesitant because she invaded their space, she wanted them to stretch their comfort zone. But, I believe every single girl took something from their time with her.

As a newcomer to SI Grand Erie it was such a joy to be involved in this event and I can’t wait to have more involvement next year.
Ladies, in Saidat’s words “YOU GOT THIS!”

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