Faceless Aboriginal Dolls

Faceless Dolls Project

The Natives Woman Association of Canada, started this project in 2010, after receiving staggering statistics on MISSING AND MURDERED indigenous woman and girls.  The sisters in spirit imitative did research and discovered 582  known cases of missing and murdered indigenous woman and girls.

Indigenous includes Metis, Inuit and First Nations people.  The NWAC wanted something to physically represent these   females and came up with the faceless dolls project.  There have been ongoing workshops, engaging other agencies to help, and displaying their dolls all over Canada since 2010.

The Soroptimist International of Grand Erie joined forces with several agencies, spearheaded by Sexual Assault Centre of Brant and Brant Native Housing who started locally their own Faceless dolls project to help educate and raise awareness on the topic.

They’ll be on display in different parts of our counties.

Each doll represents a beautiful aboriginal woman and each story is allowed to be told.

By making a faceless doll you are helping to make them “FACELESS NO MORE”.

Faceless Doll Template on our website soroptimistgranderie.com  or

Statistic Canada’s 2004 General Social Survey facts on violence`Aboriginal woman over 15 are 3-5 times more likely to experience violence than non-aboriginal woman.

`54% of Aboriginal woman reported sever forms of family violence vs. 37% of non Aboriginal.

` between 1997-2000 homicide rates of aboriginal females were almost 7 times more higher than those of non aboriginal females.

Aboriginal Faceless Doll template can also be found on  http://www.nwac.ca/files/download/2012%20NWAC%20Faceless%20Doll_TEMPLATES_FINAL.pdf

Faceless Doll project display
Faceless Doll project display

Faceless Doll Template


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