What a great day for girls.  Thank you to our sponsors, community partners and Soroptimist Grand Erie members.

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2016 Advisory / Steering Committee:

Kendra:  Thank you so much for the opportunities you have yet again provided me with through the DIBI Steering Committee.         I would absolutely love to sit on the 2017 Steering Committee  (2nd year).

Madhu:  Thank you for having me on the committee.  I had an amazing time and hope to continue being on the committee next year: )  (1st year).

Teena:  I’m looking forward to being a part of the Steering Committee next year.  I had a great time and learned so much, thank you.  (1st year).

Emily:  It was fun being on the Steering Committee (1st year).

Mikayla:  I was honoured to be asked to sit on the Steering Committee again this year, thanks for the opportunity.  It was so well organized  (2nd year).


2016 Parent and Aunt email:

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter and my niece went to the girls conference today and they had an AWESOME time!  They have been talking non-stop about it since we picked them up at 5:30 and they stated they want to be a part of the advisory board for next year, so I wanted to say thank you to the organization and excellent job putting together the event that was relevant and engaging for the girls.  Please pass this message on to whoever you feel would like to know what the experience was like for the attendees.  The swag bags didn’t hurt either!  Lol  Thanks                                        They should be giving themselves a pat on the back.  The girls truly had a great day and found the information they received worthwhile, so congrats to the committee on a job well done!

*We also gathered data from Community Partners, Speakers and SI GE Members:

2016 Community Partners & Speakers:

*What did you find most appealing about the conference overall?  -Empowering young women to pursue their dreams –Having the privilege and honour to be a part of a panel of amazing women and an opportunity to play an influential role in the lives of young women, hopefully empowering them  -Empowering young women  -Support for girls to know there are others that are probably just like them   –Very well organized, colourful, nicely decorated at their level, I think they were impressed by others taking the time to pamper them with lots of snacks, the big “goodie bag” and lots of friendly faces -The love, thought and care  that was put into it and the variety of speakers/presenters/contributors –Inspirational for young girls with a focus on making others feel good –  Providing a safe space for young women to come together and collaborate educate and support one another     -It was wonderful to network with  such amazing women, and inspiring to see a future generation start on their course –Inspirational for young girls with a focus on making others feel good

-I had a great time and was happy to be part of your speakers panel.  PC Laura Collier, Crime Prevention Officer, Brantford Police   -Thank you so much for the opportunity!!! It was wonderful to network with such amazing women, and inspiring to see a future generation start on their’ course 🙂  If I can ever help, please let me know!!!!

Alicia Jackson, Brantford Fire Station 1   -The event was awesome, you all did an amazing job, and all of the girls looked like they were really enjoying all of the events. Thanks you for having me at the DREAM IT BE IT conference, I would definitely love to come back in future years.

 I’m happy to hear that the girls enjoyed the financial section, and I would be happy to come back in future years.  Leah Emersic, First Ontario Credit Union, Simcoe

2016 SI GE Members:    As a new club in it’s 2nd year, it was an excellent Community introduction —It brought together teenage girls from different cultural, ethnic backgrounds and differences were left at the front door as they all enjoyed, benefitted and were given free rein to believe in themselves  –valuable DIBI Resource Cards will provide emergency contacts for years –It had a positive impact on our communities and on our steering committee girls – The girls learned valuable skills and planned their future goals -They learned leadership skills and made what seem to be lasting friendships -It had a positive impact on our communities and on our steering  committee girls –Moving, empowering, Visually impactful -They came in looking and feeling a little nervous about what to expect. it was a phenomenal transformation by 4pm that same day, as these fairly quiet anxious girls were laughing, sharing, bonding and enjoying themselves.  They appeared more confident and definitely more see assured -Girls take positive messages back into the community to share with others -Their self esteem soared….. I loved how the girls were a little reserved/withdrawn/shy in the morning but by the time lunch came around and they lined up for food there was lots of laughter and a true feeling of camaraderie -Helped to raise the bar higher for our local high school girls; giving them the skills, resources and most of all, confidence to reach higher and exceed that bar in their lives and career goals. DIBI shows them that we truly care about their success, and that there is a fantastic support system in our community to help them along their journey. -It provided an introductory of SI GE to the community partners who attended and might be interested in joining.

*SI GE President Hannelore Nyman & Food Committee ChairThis years Dream It Be It event was again a great success, thanks to the many meetings and preparation-time spent, with the DIBI Committee.  The girls took advantage of the food tables as they past by from one workshop to the other, for breakfast, lunch and snack items.  The most enjoyable for me was to witness the progress the girls made during the day.   At the start they where shy and holding back, even where sitting in the main area with 1 set between them. That changed after “Saidat” had her show and during the day that relationship between them, got closer and closer with more enthusiasm, dancing the Zumba really got all the girls excited and full of energy.  I liked the information the speakers panel was able to give the girls.  I am positive that the girls enjoyed the day of education and fun and I wish I would have the chance to be part of a great event like the DIBI when I was a young girl.

*SI GE DIBI Chair Laurie Cappe:  The Beautiful or Average doorway set the tone of the day.  Seeing the excitement and nervousness as they pondered the signs and discussed which doorway to use.   The Keynote speaker, SAIDAT pumped them up with singing, dancing with empowering messages of, “You got this Girl!”  Our DIBI theme was “What your Pacific”, http://losingsightofshore.com/, and we hosted a Professional speakers Panel, which covered all 7 Soroptimist International of the Americas DIBI Sessions.                                                                                                                              

  Sitting on the Speakers Panel was a Firefighter, Lawyer, Police Officer, Paramedic, Psychiatrist (SFC Winner) and 2 SI GE members (Financial and Deaf and Blind Intervenor), spoke when the Electrician wasn’t able to attend.  The girls were very gracious, excited and seemed to almost run from Session to Session.  A wonderful group of Community Partners and volunteers to assist in leading the following Sessions:  Career Key, Resume Building and Interview Skills by G.R.E.A.T., Old Friend, Building Self Awareness and being your own Coach, Draw the Line by Brant SAC, DIBI motivational doll, Budgeting by First Ontario Credit Union, Faceless Dolls, and Zumba by Kerri of Z305 WEST Fitness.  I was delighted to see some of them run their finger down the budget sheet.  

Hannelore, chair and the food committee once again out did themselves with a light breakfast, lunch and the endless walk by community snack table that brought smiles to their faces.  The day ended with huge smiles as they enjoyed their Byers Ice Cream and dragged home their huge SWAG bags.  I loved seeing one of the girls bag that had her DIBI Selfie taped to the outside of her SWAG bag, as she left for the day.   We touched the girls lives, our future leaders and provided them with the tools they need to succeed in life.                                                                                                                                              *Steering Committee:  The 5 girls, 2 from last year who sat on the committee and the other 3 attended the event provided great input to steer us towards the event.   Last years Steering Committees focus was on stress releasing tools and surprisingly this year it was financial / budget tools.  They helped with the questions for the Speakers Panel, promoting the event by handing out DIBI Random Act of Kindness promotional bag/card/chocolate and speaking to their peers.  One of the girls did a presentation of the event, in her enrichment program.  They seemed to enjoy their involvement and were proud to be a part of it.  They each received a DIBI Certificate, Community Hours, a gold star lapel pin, a thank you card and a token gift.    

*The SI GE DIBI Committee Monthly Meetings:  The committee did an amazing job with the 7 Sessions from the DIBI manual exercises, with each one of us taking a turn running or assisting in a sessions at our Steering Committee meetings.                                                                                     

   *BONUS: The DIBI Media coverage brought interest and a few of the speakers and community partners are interested in hearing more about SI GE.  We had 3 papers present the day of the event to cover it.

*2017 Goal & Planning:  With 2 DIBI’s under our belt, planning is underway for 2017.  We will be using the Steering Committee next event at 2-3 Think Tanks, 1-2 prior and 1 after the event.  Our goal is to reach more girls and we have already started the conversation with the proper channels and our Community Champions.